About Us

Lauren + Emily - the babes behind Top Thread Apparel. Though you won’t always see them in front of the camera - they are very much a part of everything that is and is to come with TTA. Meeting at UA (ROLL TIDE!), Lauren and Emily graduated with a degree in interior design and moved to Nashville in pursuit of the next chapter. Since moving to Music City they have long had dreams of pursuing a shop, online or brick and mortar. Since living here Lauren has grown a consistently profitable real estate company that continually grows and grabs the highest price/sq. ft. in respective neighborhoods. Some may say she doesn’t know when to stop - but she has more fun than anyone you’ll know accomplishing each and every goal.


Though Emily is no longer in interior design, she views this as a way to channel her creativity with this outlet. Imagine hanging out in your best friends closet and trying on every piece. That is true life story of how they choose each piece. They have the same taste in wine but their styles can differ which makes selecting items even more fun while at market. They truly enjoy picking out each individual piece and taking pics for social media. Lauren and Emily have also decided how important it is to give back.


When shopping you will notice you’re able to chose a foundation for them to give back to. These five foundations they have chosen hit close to home. It is important for them to focus on giving back through the #GiveBack #TopLove program.


At the end of the day, their plan is to take over the world - but until then...an online clothing boutique is just fine. 😘👊🏼