Kruz’n for a Kure is an amazing foundation created to raise money for research on an extremely rare condition called schmike immuno-osseous dysplasia, or SIOD. SIOD is genetic condition distinguished by a short stature, kidney disease, and a weakened immune system due to a lack of T cells. There are only 6 known cases of SIOD in the country, siblings Kruze and Paizlee Davenport being two of those 6 and the first ever pair of siblings to be diagnosed. There was a 1 in 80 million chance for both children to be effected by SIOD, needless to say the odds were not on their side. Time is not on their side either as even after a kidney transplant a child with this condition has a 9-11-year life expectancy. Help not only Kruz and Paizlee but all others effected by SIOD by contributing to the 6,000,000 dollars needed for research.